Lorenzo Fortino


Lorenzo Fortino,
dj, producer, owner of “Futop Musica”, “Connessioni” labels and founder of the first vinylshop in South Florence “Isoma”.

A pure attitude to the dj set, moves without any compromise among electronic sounds.
His style and personality are deeply influenced by techno, house, ambient and experimental pieces.
There are no limits in his productions, his goal is to stop time and make sure the listener doesn’t settle, always demanding something more.

In addition to his labels, he released music on Wo-land, Biodiversità Records, Modern Obscure Music, Miniera, Sublunar, Altrimenti Records and Lysergic Induction Forge.

Respected by the best producers around the world…you will hear about him very soon as one of the most talented italian djs and producers.


Sempre A Modo Mio (2016)
(album / tape) [Wo land]

Empaetia (2016)
(album / cd) [Futop Musica]

Il Momento Di Salire (2017)
(ep / vinyl) [Futop Musica]

La Pazzia Del Cancro (2019)
(ep / vinyl) [Futop Musica]

Spazio Ai Veri (2020)
(ep / vinyl) [Futop Musica]

Magia Dalla Mente Astratta (2020)
(album / vinyl) [Futop Musica]

Ambizione Estrema (2021)
(ep / vinyl) [Futop Musica]

Quella Che (2021)
(single / digital) [Futop Musica]

Istanti Per Volare Via (2022)
(album / vinyl) [Miniera]

Orario Sballato (2022)
(ep / digital) [Futop Musica]

Lorenzo Fortino & Brody –
Pineto Connection (2023)
(ep / vinyl) [Connessioni]

Lorenzo Fortino & Brody –
Da Qui Al Mare (2024)
(ep / vinyl) [Connessioni]


“Allegro (Lorenzo Fortino – Tutto Finto Ma Io Sempre Perso Nella Roba Mia – Variazione)” (2017)
(V/A / cd)
[Biodiversità Records]

“Unica Come Te” (2019)
(V/A / digital)
[Modern Obscure Music]

“Tunnel Sul Confine” (2022)
(V/A / digital)
[Sublunar Records]

“Cabaret Du Ciel – Lakota
(Lorenzo Fortino Suspacid Revisitation)”
“(Lorenzo Fortino Celestial Revisitation)” (2022)
(V/A / vinyl / digital)
[Altrimenti Records]

“Vita Impulsiva” (2023)
(V/A / cd / digital)
[Lysergic Induction Forge]


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